Zephyr Nation

Preface: I’m using this blog to practice my writing, so I want to try and write the recap with a storyteller style. This is a recap of one of my D&D sessions.

The Ride

The Wreckers, a diverse party consisting of a dwarf, A dragonborn, two humans, a tiefling, a goliath, a seafolk and a cat person. They had just completed their journey through the cursed lands of Ravenloft and now they are figuring out where to go next.

Elessar, their wizard friend, had suggested that they travel to Zephyr Nation to help establish a main base for their new mission, which is to defeat the dark powers that they had helped smuggled out of Ravenloft, the cursed realm. A story worth telling another time, they had agreed to terms that they had not understood completely to gain some much needed power and now must pay the price of the unwritten contract. They agreed to his suggestion and he proceeded to shoot a magical flare into the sky, only stating that they needed a ride.

Wind rustles the forest trees around the party as they wait impatiently, Elessar usually doesn’t bother with explaining the details of any of his ladened plans. After a while the ground suddenly goes dark around them from a looming shadow. They can hear the sound of flapping in the wind, like a dragon’s wings beating against the air. They look up and they see an unfamiliar sight, a ship bursting through the clouds above them, splashing off the blue skies. The large wooden ship is flying low, soaring right above the tree line. Three figures jump off of the ship as it passes with opened parachutes and descend like feathers from a bird. They land and immediately go to their knees, head bowed, with one arm across their chest.

They say “Captain Elessar, we are here to receive you.”

Elessar rolls his eyes as he returns a half-hearted salute.