Roll for Imagination

I always have had an overactive imagination. I don’t remember when it started but ever since I was a child I would daydream. I guess every child daydreams, the difference is when that child would stop.

I wouldn’t just pretend to be some hero, I would invent an entire world that fit the idea. Inspiration came from everywhere. From my favorite movies ,video games and especially books.

I’ve always appreciated the power of books. It taught me storytelling. It fed my imagination like treasure for a dragon. It let my imagination run wild, free, and untamed. I imagined the bluest of skies swirling with dancing clouds. It let me think about the darkest of dungeons and the unseen shadows that stalked its edges.

D&D let me put this power to use. It let me knit together ideas, stories, and themes. I was able to be free and just imagine, and better yet, I was able to share these worlds with my friends, to let them free into something that I had created. I made characters up on the spot, created lasting personalities, and crafted drama out of thin air. And I was good at it.

Inspiration would strike at the strangest times. Driving to work, sitting in a meeting, in the middle of playing a video game. Half of it would be forgotten, great ideas gone, because I didn’t record the thought. Other times they would stick with me, attach on to my everyday life, like a magic cape, billowing in the stresses of the day.

Telling a story is one of the hardest things to do. Some people are naturals at it and some are not. I never thought as myself as one who could. I would like to use part of this blog to write, and to practice this skill., to expand my imagination and explore the depths of writing.



One thought on “Roll for Imagination

  1. “I guess every child daydreams, the difference is when that child would stop.”

    WOW! This right here…. Keep this up man. Finally got the app so I could lurk around your site… Miss you man!

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