The Adventuring Party

Gathering the players to start was like assembling the Avengers. I called, texted and messaged my best friends to see if they would be interested in playing. I was met with excitement, aversion, and hesitance.

The first person I asked was my friend Jeff. I’d known him since middle school and his answer was of reluctance. (“A role playing game? I guess…”) I said just one, one game and if you dislike it, we’ll stop. The next person I asked was John, my best friend and brother.He agreed quickly, after some convincing, he’s always up for anything. His brother, Jesse, was the one that brought me into his D&D session so he was up for it, however, he had his doubts about me Dungeon Mastering(DMing) so soon after playing my first game. He told me that it was a hard and difficult thing to do, and that I should get a bit more experience before running it. I agreed. But I was infatuated.

Next was my friend Bobin. I called him and he said, “I have been waiting my whole life for this phone call.” And there we go, an adventuring party assembled.


I had gathered the materials for playing; the rule book, character sheets, the first published adventure: Lost Mine of Phandelver, a bunch of dice and my excitement.

What happened that day, was magic. I stumbled and struggled trying my best to lead the players through the narrative. We got through a difficult beginning, and we were hooked. I didn’t have time to wonder how I did, since we were so busy scheduling the next session. Bobin had brought his brother with him, and at first he wasn’t approving of the game, at the end of the evening, he asked me for a character sheet.

I knew that I had found something magical.




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